I have been making my own clothing since I was 7 years old when I knitted my very first vest. I always wanted to express myself in unique ways and stand out from the crowd, to be noticed as an individual in the masses; I believe I’ve been successful at this. We all try to be different, individualistic, and noticeable--standing apart from the masses. Yet we still try to blend in as well. From a philosophical point of view, we are an individual part, while at the same time we are a part of everything - monada - which travels to separation and then back to the blending into absolute. I knit, I sew, I quilt, I make jewelry, and I do felting. I fell in love with felting. Wool is just the right material for me because I love natural stuff! I did not invent felting. It was invented thousands of years ago, and in many cultures, it was forgotten over the years. I have attempted to try to adapt these methods to the present, using and mixing different techniques, thereby producing truly amazing and beautiful textures and “painting” with wool. Every piece of clothing I make is truly handmade, because I literally make the material from raw wool, combining it with silk, linen, or other materials. I love what I do. I love it because it is pure and simple. It demands patience. It demands a lot of personal handworks, and with my hands, I can show my energy, as well as a part of my soul in every piece that I make. But most important, it is so UNIQUE. No one piece can be repeated. Every piece will always be a little bit different, even if you try to copy it, because the creation of each piece depends on so many different factors, along with the love I put into my work.