Scarf " Pink"

I always try to create something unique, that would be different from what you can buy in the shops. All designs I make I wear myself and get a lot of compliments. This scarf is hand-felted from soft merino wool incorporating viscose fibers and features hand-embroidering with beads. It has a wire built-in which enables you to open and close it as you want, and it will stay in the position you put it. I always thought that a scarf has to be a nice accessory to any outfit. Sometimes inside in the office, it can be too warm so if you don't want it close to the neck you can just open it. A beautiful gift for someone or yourself.

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Price $65.00
Dimensions 5 x 25 x
H x W x D (in)
Weight 0.2 (lbs)
Creation Date March 2022