Scarf " Bahamas"

I always try to create something unique, that would be different from what you can buy in the shops. All designs I make I wear myself and get a lot of compliments. This scarf is hand-felted from soft merino wool incorporating viscose fibers and hand-embroidered with beads. It has a pin on the backside so it can be pinned in any length and position you want. It is kinda difficult to describe the color as even on my screen it comes differently. It like teal, kinda like Bahamas waters, terracotta, and gold I would say.
Lenght in whole 27 in
with narrow part 3 in, wide part 5.5 in.
from pin to the end 21 inch

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Price $60.00
Dimensions 3 x 24 x
H x W x D (in)
Weight 0.2 (lbs)
Creation Date March 2022